Product Certifications



The following certifications are available with each shipment.

• Certificate of Conformance - manufacturer's assurance that products are produced in accordance with all specification and purchase order requirements.

• Material Certification - original mill certification used to inspect and certify material to ensure test acceptance criteria is met, such as mechanical properties, chemical analysis, and mechanical testing, among others.

• Chemical and Physical Test Reports - used to provide evidence that the parts shipped possess the chemical and physical properties required by the order specifications.

Certificates of Quality Conformance to QAP 1075 & QAP EQ-001

 • QAP 1075 – A quality sampling plan for safety critical parts. QAP 1075 requires an expanded sampling plan in order to certify a lot for a COQC, or Certificate of Quality Conformance. Typically critical dimensions require a more in-depth analysis than non-critical dimensions.

 • QAP EQ-001 – A zero-based sampling plan for lot approval. As opposed to older standards like Mil-Std-105 which allow for an AQL (acceptable quality level) of non-compliant parts based on your sample size, QAP EQ001 dictates the number of samples to be measured. If any parts in that sample size are non-conformant, then the entire lot is non-conformant.