PIL290 Test Bolts


Pilgrim Screw Corporation developed PIL290 for nut manufacturers and test laboratories looking for a lower cost solution to using NAS bolt part numbers. NAS bolts, as a general rule, are often difficult to locate in small quantities. Production runs have high minimum costs and deliveries of 20 weeks or longer. With Pilgrim’s stocking program, customers save time and money  .



Many of Pilgrim Screw's nut manufacturing customers are able to reuse worn studs by cutting off the used portion of the thread and re‐chamfering new lead threads. Most NAS bolts have short thread lengths and cannot be reused once the threads are worn. Depending upon the nut being tested, the PIL290 can usually be cut off twice, effectively tripling the life of the test bolt, thus cutting costs up to 66%.



The PIL290 bolts are manufactured to more closely controlled dimensional tolerances that yield consistently superior test results over the entire lot of test bolts. NAS bolts do not offer the same consistency that our tight‐tolerance test bolts offer.

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