JJJ Fastener Drilling


JJJ Fastener Drilling Company, formerly JJJ Machine and Drilling in Kenilworth, NJ, is now located in Providence, Rhode Island to proudly serve the fastener industry’s demand for automatic head drilling of slotted fillister heads and across-the-flats hex head screws and bolts. JJJ drills screws as small as #2 up to 1/2-inch diameter in lengths up to three inches. Automatic drillers orient the screws one at a time so the drills form the lockwire holes at approximately 90- degrees to the slots, or in the case of hex heads, oriented to drill the through-hole from flat to flat (no through-corner-drilling). The intricate machines continue to drill military, defense, aerospace and commercial fillisters and hex heads to the highest standards. Geoff (President), Ted (Vice President) and Gretchen Grove (Sales) purchased JJJ in 2013 and moved the business up to Rhode Island to operate next door to Pilgrim Screw Corporation, owned by the Grove Family.screws2

JJJ Fastener Drilling Co. 
259 Dexter Street, Providence , RI 02907 
Tel: 401.868.4538 
Fax: 401.415.0079 
Email: info@jjjdrilling.com