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Our Quality Assurance laboratory has state-of-art equipment including: 

Tensile Test – tests the tension of a material to determine how the material will react to forces being applied in tension.

Rockwell Hardness Test – measures hardness based on the net increase in depth of impression as a load is applied.

Micro-Hardness Test – measures indentations using precision microscopes to an accuracy of ±0.5 micrometers.

Johnson  Gage – measures and verifies pitch & functional thread diameters using variable data

Shear Test – tests strength to determine the load at which a part would yield when sheared between two metal edges.

Metallurgical Analysis – analyzes a metal’s heat treatment condition, microstructure, formation process and whether it conforms to necessary specifications.

Tesa Scan – scans for dimensional analysis accurate to .00001”.

Torque Test – monitors and controls the rotational torque and angle of a part.

Drive Recess Torque Quality Conformance Test – determines the torque capability of a fastener's driving recess

Magnetic Permeability Test – measures low-level magnetic permeability and field strength.

Tensile Test, Axial
• SM 1312-8
• ASTM F606
• ASTM A370

• ASTM F606

Reduction of Area
• ASTM F606

Shear Test, Double Shear & Single Shear
• NASM 1312-13 (double shear) 

Wedge Tensile Test
• STM F606
• ASTM A370 

Proof Load Method 1
• ASTM F606
• ASTM A370 

Torque Test
• ANSI B18.6.4
• NASM1412-31
• Driving recess torque test NASM1312-25

SAE J933 Hydrogen Embrittlement Test, Torque Method
• NASM 1312-5
Drive Test
• ASME B18.6.4 

Plating Thickness Measurement
• NASM 1312-12
(Eddy current & dimensional change methods) 

Thread Measurement
• FED STD H28 System 21,22 & 23
• MIL-S-7742, Other & Safety Critical
• AMS8879, Other & Safety Critical
• ASME B1.1 

Water Immersion
• ASTM A 380, par, Copper Sulfate Test
• ASM-STD-753, Method 102, Copper Sulfate Test
• AMS2700 Immersion Test

Hardness Test (Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial & Microhardness)
• NASM 1312-6
• ASTM E18
• ASTM E140
• ASTM F606
• ASTM E384 

Determination of Grain Size, Comparison Method
• ASTM E112 

Decarburization, Visual & Microhardness Methods
• AMS-H-6875
• SAE J419

Surface Texture (comparison method)
• ANSI/ASME B46.1 

Dimensional Checks (routine)
• MS, AN or NAS drawings
• ASME B18.6.3
• ASME B18.6.4
• ASME B18.6.7

Magnetic Permeability Test
• ASTM A342, Method 3
• MIL-I-17214 

Die Penetrant Test
• ASTM E1417
• Outsourced to NADCAP and customer approved NDT suppliers

Salt Spray Test
• ASTM B117 

Magnetic Particle
• ASTM E1444
• Outsourced to NADCAP and customer approved NDT suppliers

Metallurgical Analysis in accordance with Procurement Specifications

Material Verification
• XRF Method